About Alaina Crisostomo

Alaina Crisostomo is a 5’7” tall young woman born on March 12th, 2005. She graduated from A Lady Named Pearl Modeling Agency. She is is a freelancer, brilliant and beautiful experienced female model living in the state of Georgia. She has been in the industry at the tender age of 12 starting off as a winning pageant contestant. She worked her way up to runway model shows and she is now the CEO of AC Model, LLC. Miss Alaina is published and trained nationally as well as internationally in runway fashion shows with some of the most well-known agencies. She loves to travel, take photos, walk with her dog, play the violin, read novels and write journals as an editor of the yearbook. In her pastime, she volunteers at health fairs, feed the homeless, and supports international carnival shows. She also works part-time as a tutor after school helping elementary and middle school children with math and language arts. Her charisma, flexibility, confidence, and natural presence make it so easy and seamless for agents to work with her. She has been booked with many top futuristic companies looking to diversify their profile and showcase clothing, beauty products, haircare, and more. To know Alaina is to book her, love, and keep her.

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